School Motto: ¬†”The end depends on the beginning”

At Bigfoot Kindergarten we know our success in life greatly depends on how we are taught, and a major part of that is our education at school. Attending a well rounded kindergarten is an integral part of the process where a child gains priceless knowledge which will guide him throughout life. We believe children love to learn and to discover new experiences and new ideas. At Bigfoot Kindergarten our goal is to help them take the first steps on that journey.

Trust is important when making important decisions, you trust your doctor and your dentist…. Now you have found Bigfoot Kindergarten where you can trust your school. Our team of professionals go the extra mile to educate your children to the highest standards. Students from Bigfoot have gone on to St. Pauls, GSIS, FIS, HKIS, EFS, Kellett, Kennedy School, SIS, CIS, CNIS, St. Clares, Harrow International School and many other great international and local schools.

We combine both Traditional curriculum and International teaching styles, but more importantly we treat each child as an individual. Our mission at Bigfoot Kindergarten is to focus on teaching a love of learning. So as well as traditional methods, we use the world around us to help teach. By this we mean that we are always looking for opportunities to present new experiences to the children. We introduce children to the environment through weekly nature walks, to mathematics through playing chess and to healthy living through cooking classes.

We believe this helps our children understand that life offers many different opportunities to learn and they can all be fun! But don’t take our word for it… we are happy to arrange school visits so you can see how the children enjoy their days at Bigfoot Kindergarten.